Saturday, 14 April 2012

Where Can I Buy A Kindle

The Kindle is developed by Amazon so obviously if you're in the UK and want to buy one the best place to get one would be from the Amazon UK store.

You can get it from other places but Amazon have great support and since they make the product they know the most about it.

If you want to know a little bit more about the Kindle then please read on. We will look at what exactly the kindle does, the different types of kindle and the advantages of having one.

One thing we can tell you straight away is the Kindle is a great device that everyone in the UK should own!

What is a Kindle?

Now you know where to get a kindle, what exactly are they? Basically the Kindle is an eBook reader. You will download the books from Amazon and they will be displayed on your Kindle. You can then read them at your own leisure. The Kindle display is pretty cool; it's not completely digital and full of colour like an iPad but it display text much more clearly. Just like reading on real paper really. Books aren't the only thing you can read on there, you can also read:
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Blogs
  • Other digital media
If you already have a kindle and want to get started have a look at the Kindle best-sellers list. The eBooks are really cheap compared to normal ones. They start from as little as 99p but there is actually a big selection which are free! 

Battery life is very good, on some of the Kindle models Amazon state the battery life can be as much as 2 months reading time!

Types of Kindle

Standard Kindle

This is the most common Kindle type and the cheapest at around £90.

This device is great for anyone who loves reading and wants a light, convenient and reliable eBook reader. This Kindle has loads of visual adjustment features so you know you can tweak the text size and clarity so it's perfect for you. So don't worry if your eye-site isn't as good as it used to be!

There is also an on screen keyboard and WI-FI support, this means you can literally download a book in seconds. Click here for more info on the kindle from

Kindle Touch

This version of the kindle has loads of extra features and costs about £110.

Obviously you can touch the screen to navigate in a similar way to the iPad. It can also read the text off the screen aloud to you. Other advantages it has over the normal kindle is extra battery life and increased hard drive space.

If you're interested in this even better version of the Kindle then check out the Amazon store. At only £20 more than the standard Kindle it's a great deal.

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire isn't out in the UK yet, but will be soon. As you can see. You will be able to buy the Kindle Fire from Amazon too.

As you can see from the picture the Kindle Fire is in colour. This means it's great for magazines and graphic novels. 

I'm not sure how much it will be when it's released but it probably will be less than £200

 Why Should You Buy A Kindle?


The main benefit of having a Kindle is the money saved on books. You will seriously save so much. Especially if you're a big reader like me. You literally have your own library in your hand. Finished with one book? Then buy another within 30 seconds. 

The sheer convenience of the Kindle is great too. It's so light and small you can take it anywhere no problem. There is no eye strain like you get with a computer screen, yet you can still read it in bright sunlight unlike a book. You can also search an enitre book for a character or phrase which has a multitude of uses. 

Another think I like about the Kindle is the reading privacy it gives you. So if you're reading something like "how to get over depression" or a trashy novel on public transport then no one else will know.

It really combines the best elements of traditional books and modern technology.

We hope this site has fully answered the question "Where can I buy a Kindle?" It really is great if you love reading. Practically everyone will love a Kindle, it's great for students, people who don't have space for books, mums and people who just love reading. It also can be a real investment. You should save money over buying books from the store, which let's face it, can be very expensive.